Good to Great Telugu books on personality development


Certainly! There are several good Telugu books on personality development that can help you enhance your personal and professional growth. Here are some recommendations:

“వ్యక్తిగత అభివృద్ధి” (Vyaktigat Abhivriddhi) by Dale Carnegie – This Telugu translation of Dale Carnegie’s classic “How to Win Friends and Influence People” offers valuable insights into building strong relationships and improving communication skills.

“వ్యక్తిగత అభివృద్ధి” (Vyaktigat Abhivriddhi) by Dr. Ujjwal Patni – Dr. Ujjwal Patni is a renowned motivational speaker and author. This book covers various aspects of personal development, including time management, goal setting, and leadership.

“పరిస్కరణ – మన వ్యక్తిత్వంను పెంచుకోవడం” (Parisakarana – Mana Vyaktitvamnu Penchukovadam) by B. Rammohan Reddy – This book provides practical tips and strategies for personality development, focusing on self-improvement and motivation.

“వ్యక్తిత్వ వికాసం” (Vyaktitva Vikasam) by Swami Sukhabodhananda – Swami Sukhabodhananda’s book delves into the principles of self-awareness, emotional intelligence, and personal growth, offering valuable insights for readers.

“వ్యక్తిత్వ వికాసం మొదటి అడ్డుకోసం” (Vyaktitva Vikasam Modati Addukosam) by Dr. B.V. Pattabhiram – Dr. B.V. Pattabhiram is a renowned psychologist and motivational speaker. This book covers various aspects of personality development, including self-confidence, communication skills, and stress management.

“మనసు మనసు” (Manasu Manasu) by Dr. A. Prabhakar Reddy – This book explores the psychology of the mind and offers practical techniques to improve mental and emotional well-being, which is an essential part of personality development.

“వ్యక్తిత్వ వికాసం” (Vyaktitva Vikasam) by Shiv Khera – Shiv Khera is a well-known motivational speaker and author. In this book, he shares valuable principles and strategies for personal and professional success.

“నా యత్నాలు – నా సాధనలు” (Na Yatnalu – Na Sadhanalu) by Dr. A. V. Subrahmanyam – Dr. A. V. Subrahmanyam’s book offers practical insights into achieving success through personal development, perseverance, and dedication.

These Telugu books on personality development cover a wide range of topics and provide valuable guidance to help you improve various aspects of your life. You can choose the ones that resonate with your interests and goals for personal growth.

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